Varzaneh Guest House is the closest accommodation to Varzaneh desert...

Varzaneh desert

Generally, Varzaneh Desert is called to the zone of the western margin of the Gavkhoni wetland,

which covers an area of over 17,000 hectares of windy sands. Hills are 100 meters high and

approximately 30 kilometers wide and stretches from the Gavkhoni wetland to the...


Salt lake

When we go from the southern part of the wetland and from the village of Khara to the wetland,

we first see some vegetation types including, Tamarix and Zygophyllum.

By passing through it we reach to a desert region with flowing sands.


Varzaneh Guest House is the closest accommodation to Varzaneh desert. It takes 10-minute drive to reach to the has been restored since one year ago. It dates back to about 50 years ago. This place with 7 rooms and Capacity of 21 people is suitable for team trips. The local food is available here and its toothsome tastes last for a long time.

It`s a historical place in the historical tissue of Varzaneh city. You will be directed to this place by asking the address of Hammam Abad’s alley. This quiet and calm setting is the reminder of the past of the historic village of Varzaneh. At the beginning of this alley, there is a public bathroom that still maintains its function and the people of Varzaneh use it for bathing. The proximity of this house to the 600-year-old mosque of Varzaneh, as well as the close distance to the Desert Varzaneh have made many desert enthusiasts, From inside and outside of Iran, choose this place. After enjoying the pleasure of Varzaneh Desert, those desert enthusiasts come to this historical place and have friendly chatting in the traditionally furnished courtyard of this home next to the very beautiful pool and garden.


Varzaneh Traditional Guest House is near on some natural spots such as camel mill, ox well, sand dunes, Gavkhooni wetland and salt lake – a fantastic opportunity to see the Iranian countryside. You’d be able to see all of these spots, along with other superb views, during a wonderful desert day trip with the well-educated and friendly owner who’s fluent in English.